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Different Hugs by Kirmashni Different Hugs by Kirmashni
My favorite couples on syskonskapet right now. :3

The sad looking bloke in the upper left corner is Dmitrij "Dima" and belongs to :iconwursu:. He's sad 'cause he's Really in love with another girl and knows that the fact will break the heart of the girl that's hugging him; Antoniya (which is mine, of course). She, in the other hand, is Extremely in love with him and, which is the tricky part, thinks that they're already an item.

The happy dude and dudette on the right is Alma (mine) and Ash :iconstillme:. They're not really in love (Riiiiight, right, right...) but she Really likes him and he seems to like her too. Or at least, until the last fight they have. But that hug is inspired by the time when she thought that she'd gotten him killed and then he was waiting at an inn for her and another guy. She was so happy that he was okay that she literally squeeled!

And the lovebirds at the bottom is, of course, Coram (:iconcellitha:) and Nhera (mine) who can't keep their hands of each other. As it Should be. ^^

(ps I KNOW! Dx Her hair looks TERRIBLE! Everyone has bad hair days - even elves! X( ds)

stillme Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012
Haha, gosh, Alma är blond. Varför fortsätter jag glömma det? xD Jag VET att Ash kommenterar hennes blonda lockar, ändå är hon inte blond i min skalle. How's that even possible? Men maaawh, så fina de är - allesamman :3 (Och in all honesty, Nhera är så mycket Charlie's Angels 70-tal här ;P)
Kirmashni Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
HAHAHA! JA! Charlies Änglar! x''D Ååh gud, vad fult! Men jag gjorde fel med the layers så det.. blev så. x3
GLÖMMER du att little miss supernormal sweden-candidate är Blond? Vad är din naturliga instinkt då?
stillme Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012
Jag vet väl inte xD Typ... flintskallig? Nej, men jag tänker inte på hårfärg så där överdrivet mycket. Akshully.
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January 30, 2012
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